Bubbles, Baubles & Breasts


When our clients came to us wanting a pink and white pallete for an event featuring jewelry designer Shawn Warren benefiting the Susan G. Komen for The Cure ® foundation we were more than ecstatic! Since Shawn Warren was coming over from the East Coast, we wanted to incorporate the fresh, clean feeling of the Hamptons infused with the luxe richness of her jewelry and did so by adding in French Baroque furniture, including Swarovski tufted arm chairs and floral chandeliers.

Some of the details of the event included custom designed couture linens, silver service catering including a wait staff dressed in custom white linen attire with pink contrasting belts, and even individual hand-made white chocolate jewelry boxes containing a replica of one of Shawn Warren’s rings! Custom pillows were made from hand painted silks and linen flown in from a London mill house, accenting the white wicker Hamptons sets topped off with arrangements of light blush peonies, hydrangeas and roses arranged by the talented George Woods of  The Woods Exquisite Flowers.


Photography: Howard Wise


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I absolutely love the skirting on the banquet table. Awesome job!! How do I become a stalker of your blog???

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    Thank you Jamee! You can stalk us by checking back every day for more Blogalicious goodies! We’ll have a sign up form on the blog within a day or two so check back then. Thanks!

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  4. I. A-DORE. THIS! What a fabulous setting for an event. The placement of everything is perfect — great balance. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing!

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