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When the team over at Inspired by This asked us to share what inspires us, I had to think. How could I explain in one post what inspires our team. I didn’t want to do a post on pink flowers or ethnic patterned linens, or our favorite gowns this season. I wanted to share something that is a bit more timeless. And by timeless I mean not writing about the trends that we are adoring right now. We wanted to share what has and ALWAYS will inspire us, which is the art of food and incorporating it into the table design. We are ultimately masters at designing beautiful tablescapes, but at the end of the day the whole function/purpose is so that people sit down and dine at them. We want people to feel comfortable and enjoy the experience, and we think that food styling really adds to that experience. So we wanted to share our guest post over at Inspired by This today, because I love this topic. Here is a sneak peek and then you can hop on over to Inspired by This to read the rest…

We are inspired by food styling: tables that look like people are supposed to eat at them. Not so overly manicured that you are afraid to set them with food. As event stylists we love to integrate food into the tablescape (Leila knows this VERY well from when we designed her wedding.) We feel that we are selling an experience, and the experience at a dining table is to DINE.

Weird concept! We are not Pottery Barn display artists selling furniture or plates, we are selling laughter, celebration, and fun at the table. All of this surrounds the time honored tradition of eating. So we like to honor food by celebrating it and integrating it into the décor of the day.

Carefree, effervescent, lived in, a table should not be too composed. Just like a brand new pair of sneakers isn’t comfortable until worn a few times, we like our tables to feel thrown together (in the most beautiful way of course. And of course each element is placed to perfection, but it shouldn’t necessarily look that way!)  When you think back to some of your favorite dining experiences, often you think back to family dinners, your mom  or grandma cooking your favorite recipe in the kitchen, one that you now cook.

It is those kind of memories that we like to evoke at events. The feeling of sitting around a table with friends and family in a relaxed environment and ultimately celebrating, and we think integrating food into the tables adds to the feeling. We have a few favorite food stylists that inspire us, but one of our favorites is Leesa O’ Reilly.

Hop on over to Inspired by This to find out our favorite inspirational cookbooks! Do you like integrating food into your table scapes? What inspires you??


  1. Terrie /

    Food definately inspires my parties. What ever I am in the mood for my parties take on that ethnic charm and decor that makes it all so festive. I totally agree. You all are so right on!!

  2. Michelle /

    So pretty! I love incorporating food too!

  3. Sacha /

    Coming from a major foodie, presentation is half of the art. Such an important element people forget. Food is always a major factor in the entire vibe.

  4. These are so beautiful! I love this post!


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