PART II: Sombreros y Rancheros


Today is Part II of our Sombreros Y Rancheros event (part I here.) We dubbed the bridal shower Sombreros y Rancheros bc we wanted to do a fiesta twist on the traditional hat party. But instead of tea, crumpets and large floral Garden hats, our guests wore large sombreros and ate churros! This would also be great inspiration for any Cinco De Mayo soirees you are planning.

First up.. The SOMBRERO CHANDELIER. We hung multiples of these to make a dramatic and fun statement.

TIP: DITCH THE TRADITIONAL TEA PARTY HATS for giant sombreros adorned with sequins and flowers instead!

SOMBREROS: Hang them and decorate chairs with them for guests to later wear on their heads! TRADITIONAL HAT PARTY GONE FIESTA!

TOSTADA STAND: Set up a ‘create your own’ tostada stand. We put out bowls overflowing with lettuce, shredded cheeses, olives, jalapenos, black beans, refried beans, rice, guacamole, hot sauce, salsa, sour cream, tomatoes, onions, carne asada (beef), pollo (chicken) and cilantro! Both vegetarian and meat eaters can tailor towards their palettes! We also offered guests hearty cheese enchiladas.

FUN WITH SIGNAGE: The Printed Palette Ink had fun creating humorous signage with the chicken yelling at guests to eat ‘carne asada’, and the cow yelling ‘pollo’!

FLOWER STAND: We even set up a flower stand with the gorgeous arrangements by Studio Fiore Designs that we set upon tiered shelving to create a cool bar backdrop.

DESSERT BAR: A dessert bar would not be complete without a candy filled pinata swinging over it! We set out an array of desserts from churros, lemon squares, and chocolates to powdered donuts. Something for everyone!

OLE, OLE, OLE Please load up on this tray!: Give guests heavy plastic trays to load up on desserts and candy, yet still easy to walk around and chat!

SOMBREROS Y RANCHEROS: Don’t forget to decorate those hats with sequins and flowers! This is a hat party after all, just not your typical tea and crumpets.

Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Canvas & Canopy Events
Photographer: Joielala Photographie
Invitations & Stationery: Printed Palette Ink
Decor & Design: Canvas & Canopy Events

PART 1: Sombreros Y Rancheros


In honor of the fast approaching Cinco De Mayo holiday, we are posting up  PART ONE of  a bridal shower we did last year for a beautiful bride-to-be, that was appropriately dubbed Sombreros y Rancheros. Ole!

Each table was set with maracas that doubled as decor + fun traditional Mexican instruments for guests to shake to the music.

TEQUILA & MARGARITA BAR: Each cerveza bottle was adorned with a custom label that said ‘vamos a bailar’, let’s dance! Kah Tequila has the coolest skull shaped tequila bottles that are both decorative and fun to pour the tequila from. They also make really fun vases after the event.

We also wrapped each straw with tags that said ‘uno’, dos’, ‘tres’, ‘cuatro’, etc… This was a hilarious way for guests to keep track of one anothers drink quantity!

The Printed Palette Ink created custom signs from beer labels, bar signage, and quotes about the couple that were placed all over the event.

THE TABLES: each setting was placed with glittering napkin treatments that also read ‘vamos a bailar’! Toy horses were hand painted to fit in with the RANCHERO vibe. Studio Fiore did clusters of textural flowers in a variety of colored glassware to keep the setting festive!

Tomorrow we will be posting the sombrero chandeliers, dessert bar, and more creative tips for your Cinco De Mayo bashes!

Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Canvas & Canopy Events
Event Designer: Canvas & Canopy Events
Flowers: Studio Fiore
Photographer: Joielala Photographie
Invitations & Stationery: Printed Pallette Ink

hammocks & high tea


When we were asked to design a table for Exquisite Weddings Magazine last Summer, we wanted to create something in a Summer palette but with a unique twist. Wedding days are all about relaxation as well as celebration… So why not start the day off with a spa-like, relaxing setting before the party gets started. The tone of the event was started off with pastel wedding invitations that read ‘a day in hammocks at high tea’ by the Printed Palette Ink.


1. Hang hammocks around the event for guests to lounge in while drinking cocktails

2. also hang hammocks over tabletops! They provide shade as well as a unique canopy & designs statement over the tables.

3. Adorn the table with a table runner with a design inspired by Turkish bath Hamams in keeping with your Spa themed soiree! This runner was by Hammocks & High Tea, the company that inspired the name for this event!

4. Use the round slices of tree trunks as plate chargers. Take it a step further and hand paint each charger to emulate the rippling effect in a pool of water..

5. Hand paint fabric to match the chargers and use them as napkin rings! Both tree chargers and napkin treatment DIY instructions coming tomorrow!

6. Create a Spa like menu for guests including gourmet cucumber sandwiches and organic fare. High tea is an early evening meal, typically eaten between 5pm and 7pm with a hot dish followed by cakes and jam! Take it a step further and create a cake & jam dessert bar!

7. Give each guest lavender infused hand towels to wash their hands before eating!

8. Give each guest a shot of infused tea and follow it with a custom ‘high tea’ cocktail! We had the mixologists at Snake Oil Cocktails create a custom tea cocktail for our event. Tune in tomorrow for ‘high tea cocktail’ recipe.

Tomorrow we will post DIY instructions for the chargers, napkins and also post the ‘high tea cocktail’ recipe!

Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Canvas & Canopy Events
Flowers & Decor: Canvas & Canopy Events
Flowers & Decor: Floral Palette
Invitations & Stationery: Printed Palette Ink
Mixologists: Snake Oil Cocktails