Here at Canvas and Canopy, we’re dedicated to consistently bringing you the best poly tarps, flame retardant tarps, and backyard canopies that we possibly can, time after time.

We’re a continuous machine powered by many people.

A few members of our team would like to pass some messages along to thank you for being a part of our family.

Erica, Senior Product Manager – As the person in charge of making sure every grommet is in its place, and every material is sourced from the highest-quality suppliers, I want to thank you for putting your trust in our top-tier tarps.

Michael, Shipping Director – After checking everything over to make sure it gets to you safely, and completely intact, I revel in the little comments that you, our trustful buyers, leave for us on our products on the site. I’ll always be sure to get your tarps and ball bungees to you on time to the best of my abilities.

Emilio, Machine Maintenance Technician – It’s my job to make sure the machines run smoothly, so that every stitch is in its place, and every square inch of your tarps are built the way Canvas and Canopy has been making them for years. I’ll keep ‘em coming!

We’re dedicated to bringing you top-of-the-line tarps with unmatched durability, fair prices, and access to a wide variety of tarps, fittings and ball bungees that give you the flexibility you need to get the job done.

Whether it’s a homemade canopy in the backyard or an emergency shelter in the wilderness, we’re here to be your shield.