3 Stylish Car Tents Garage

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One of the best things about using a car tent to protect your car is that you can customize it to your needs. No matter what size your car or front yard is, there are so many fittings and sizes available that you can create something that works just right for you. There are also so many colors and styles of canopies available, you can find one that matches the style of your home as well.


Styles of Car Tents

Since you can build a car tent any way you want, there are a lot of possibilities. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Build a Space for Ultimate Protection

If you want a design that gives your car the most protection, go for a pitched or sloped roof with three or four sides. By choosing a sloped roof, you make sure that any water or debris that collects on the top is able to slide off easily. This helps maintain the integrity of the roof and makes it less likely that it will suffer from rips, holes, and tears.

For the most protection, try a tent with three or four walls. Three walled tents are a little more convenient because you can just drive your car under them when you get home and back out again when you leave. While a four-walled tent does provide more protection, you have to worry about creating a door to get in and out from under it. This can be as simple as sliding a curtain to the side but if you’re, say, in your car and it’s raining, the last thing you want to do is get out of your car to pull the curtain aside.

Build a Space for Convenience

Building a car tent with two walls is probably the most convenient option. This setup lets you drive right underneath the canopy and out the other side. It is particularly great if you can place it across your driveway so you can just pull right in when you get home at the end of the day. If you have a circular driveway, you can set it up so you can just drive right through. It really doesn’t get any easier.

Again, a pitched or sloped roof is probably better to help keep debris and water from settling on the roof. It’s much easier to maintain and has a better chance of avoiding damage.

Build a Space for Your Space

Take advantage of how much customization you have and create a car tent that fits into your space.

For example, if you park your car next to your house, create a one-walled car tent using the side of your home as part of the enclosure. You can use a rear wall if you want more protection or leave it open so you can drive right through.

Another thing to keep in mind is these structures don’t have to be used for cars. Just like you can customize the tent to your space, you can also make one that’s perfectly suited for your vehicle. So, whether you have a compact car, monster pickup truck, or boat, you can make the perfect tent to keep it safe.

A Little More about Walls


You have a few decisions to make about walls as well.

Do you want full walls or partial walls? Full walls provide more protection, obviously. The go all the way to the bottom of the fittings and fully enclose the space. If you have a structure with three or four walls, though, full walls have a big effect on airflow. It can get pretty hot and stuffy in a three or four-walled tent with walls that practically reach the ground.

Partial walls are a great option. They provide the protection you’re looking for while still allowing for a decent amount of airflow. This is something you should consider, particularly when creating a three or four-walled tent with no cross-ventilation.

You should think a bit about the tarp material, too. Poly tarps are waterproof and a good choice for people who live in an area with a lot of rain. Mesh tarps are great for shade and letting the airflow through it.


We mentioned a few ties that pitched and sloped roofs are usually preferred to flat ones because they’re easier to keep clean. Water runs off instead of pooling which is great for heavy downpours but also makes it really easy to clean by squirting the roof off with a hose and allowing the water to run down, taking the debris and dirt with it.

Flat roofs are certainly an option. They’re a little easier to put together and create a totally different look. If you live in an area where you need shade a mesh tarp and a flat roof works great and you don’t need to worry about anything collecting on the top of the tent, a flat roof is a suitable choice.

Choosing a Car Tent for Your Space

Remember, the best thing about this type of car tent is that is they are completely customizable. You can create a structure that not only fits your outdoor space but is also suited to your climate. Adjustments can be made depending on whether or not you park your car next to your home or if you have to cope with a lot of rain.

No matter what design you choose, a car tent is a simple way to protect your vehicle from exposure to the elements while still creating a look that was custom made for your home.