7 Ways To Use Clear Tarps At Home

7 Ways To Use Clear Tarps At Home

The most creative solutions in life are often the most effective. Too many companies invest their time and money into trying to sell you expensive, fancy technology that serves to solve temporary problems — and they only seem to work until the next high-tech gizmo is available for purchase.

Despite all of the marketing tactics, the reality is many household problems can be solved with simple, affordable tools and a little bit of creativity. Take something as simple as a clear tarp: they are low-cost, last for years, and can be used to solve countless problems.

Think about it: clear tarps are affordable, durable, and so easy to use that even children can make good use of them (which we will explore below). With a simple one-time purchase, you have a good quality tarp you can for countless reasons over many years.

Still don’t believe us? Consider these seven game-changing ideas that can help you use something as simple as a clear tarp to save money, time and energy:


1. Help With Renovations

Whether you are receiving professional contracting services or are tackling some do-it-yourself home improvement projects, a sturdy tarp is a must-have.

The goal of home improvement is to, well, improve your home. Without the proper safeguards in place, though, there are too many opportunities for damages: paint stains on the carpet, scratches on the hardwoods wood chips, and drywall creating an impossible-to-clean mess.

In each of these cases, a high-quality clear tarp can protect your home and allow you to focus your energy on renovations, not damages.

2. Protect Your Furniture

Even without any renovations, there are a lot of things in daily life that can negatively impact your furniture. Rambunctious pets, energetic children, and even humid weather can leave your furniture looking weathered and old.

Older furniture and pieces made from delicate materials are at an even higher risk for wear and tear. This can plummet their resale value or leave you making an unexpected trip to the furniture store to replace damaged pieces.

A clear tarp is a strong choice to protect your furniture. Whether you only need it occasionally (such as when your grandchildren come to visit or you discover the adorable cat you are pet-sitting has not been declawed) or all the time, a clear tarp allows your furniture to remain comfortable and attractive while keeping it well-preserved.

3. Slash Your Water Bills With Rain Water Collection

Rain Water Collection

Having trouble keeping your utility bills down? You may be tempted to skip laundry day or set a strict time limit on showers but there are other ways to conserve water.

Tending to gardens, washing cars or boats, or watering lawns can drive up your monthly bills but you do not need to use your hose for any of these tasks. With the help of a rain barrel or even a bucket, you can start collecting rainwater and minimize your outdoor water use.

A tarp is a very helpful tool when it comes to rain collection as it prevents losing water from pesky cracks and crevices within your rain barrel.

4. Free Entertainment For Your Children

The how-to guide for this idea is simple: present a tarp to your children. Allow the fun to commence.

Children are imaginative creatures by nature and they do not need expensive toys to keep themselves entertained on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Something as simple as a tarp can quickly become a fort, a picnic blanket, or a place where they can use paints and “messy” toys indoors.

5. Rearrange Your Decor

Everyone likes a change sometimes– although your hardwood floors would likely disagree. If you have ever considered rearranging your furniture, moving new furniture into your house, or moving homes altogether, you have realized how hard it can be to prevent scratching your floors and walls.

This is one of the most popular home-uses for clear tarps and for good reason. It immediately alleviates the anxiety you feel while moving your furniture and offers you the freedom to rearrange your decor as often as you wish.

6. Enjoy Campfires In Your Own Backyard

Even if you are not fortunate enough to have a cozy indoor fireplace, outdoor fireplaces can be easily purchased or made in your backyard. If you want to enjoy a fireplace, though, there is one thing that cannot be overlooked: the need for firewood.

Storing firewood indoors can be a pain. You may not have enough storage space for it and stacked logs can be dangerous if you have children or pets in the house. That being said, storing your firewood outdoors comes with its own set of challenges, many of them weather-related.

Humidity and precipitation can work together to damage your firewood and leave you with low-quality campfires. The solution is simple and straightforward. With the help of a durable clear tarp, you can protect firewood from the elements and enjoy rustic campfires from the comfort of your own property.

7. Transform Your Patio

Are you truly making the best use of your outdoor spaces?

With the help of something as simple as a few feet of a clear tarp, you can completely revitalize your front porch, back patio, or even unused side yard. Although some of us are lucky enough to live somewhere with perfect sunny weather year-round, many are not.

We face mosquitoes, rainy weather, heavy winds, and other challenges, based on our location and the season.

With a little creativity, a canopy and accessories, and a tarp, you can turn any outdoor space on your property into an outdoor room that’s usable all year round. Enjoy your morning coffee in the backyard at any time of the year or turn your side yard into a space to entertain guests. The sky’s the limit when you have the simple tools needed to transform your outdoor spaces.