How To Make Your Own Portable Motorcycle Garage For Cheap

How To Make Your Own Portable Motorcycle Garage For Cheap

For many of us, the idea of having our own garage sounds like a luxury. Especially in smaller homes, apartment buildings, and heavily populated areas where many dwellings come without garages or even guaranteed parking.

Many motorcycle enthusiasts with garages may agree that a common garage is not the best place to store a motorcycle anyway. Often, the space is shared with other vehicles like family cars and too many things could potentially fall and damage the bike.

But what if there was another way to keep your bike protected from the elements?

Is it possible for motorcycle owners to not only create their own garage but also make one that is completely portable?

It is possible and it is much easier and more affordable than one might think. If you find yourself traveling frequently or parking your bike outdoors more often than not, a portable garage might be exactly what you need to protect your bike from weather-related damages.


Getting Started With The Right Tools

Imagine waking up in the morning, ready to hop on your bike, only to jump on and find the seat is completely wet from some light rainfall the night before. Thanks to this unavoidable inconvenience, you are walking into work with wet pants on.

This is a reality for motorcycle owners who do not have the luxury of indoor parking. Unlike in cars and trucks, there is nothing to prevent you from contact with the forces of nature. To make matters worse, weather-related damages can reduce the longevity of your bike and leave you struggling to afford costly repairs.

Motorcycles are costly investments so it is important to do everything in your power to care for them and prevent damages.

Outdoor garages are a solution and the good news is that if you don’t have one, you can build one all by yourself. Even if you are new to DIY projects, we have a straightforward solution to help you create a portable, budget-friendly storage space for your bikes.

First and foremost, you will need the proper tools to get yourself started on the right track.

One of the key products you need is a high-quality, durable tarp, particularly one that is resistance water and UV rays. You will also need accessories depending on how large you would like your shed to be, including bolts, low-peak corners (as you will not require a very tall shed) and various other canopy parts. Additionally, you will need poles to hold your shed up.

You will also need a carrier if you are planning on bringing the shed to various locations, although such carriers are often sold along with poles.

If you need help with your shopping or are unsure which products are the best fit for your own needs, feel free to visit our website or contact us for more details about our products.

Creating A Simple Canopy

Creating A Simple Canopy

Creating a shed can be as challenging or straightforward as you wish. The easiest way to create a cheap shed is to buy products for a simple canopy — the same type you would purchase for outdoor events or farmer’s markets.

In many cases, these canopies are easily portable and can be quickly set up and taken down. We sell a diverse range of canopy fittings and tarps so we can help you find the perfect size canopy for your needs. Your tarp canopy will be relatively small compared to other common uses, making it all the more portable.

It is very common for people to use simple canopies as makeshift garages for their cars, trucks, and boats. Motorcycle owners are especially fortunate, though. Due to their smaller size, motorcycle sheds don’t require a large amount of tarp, making it more affordable.

Additional Features

For DIY enthusiasts, it may be almost disappointing to learn that creating a homemade motorcycle garage could be as easy as pitching a tent on a camping trip.

There are ways to make your homemade garage a little more complex, although it will still be quite easy and affordable to create. If you are particularly concerned about weather conditions (or nosy neighbors), you could invest in sidewalls. These would turn your canopy from standard overhead protection to a full, four-walled enclosure where protection is offered at all sides.

One thing that is important to note, however, is the fact that sidewalls and other additional materials may make it harder for you to take your motorcycle garage with you.

Store-Bought vs. Homemade Portable Motorcycle Garages

The reality is doing it yourself is basically always a choice and not a necessity in these modern times. From preparing your meals to walking your dog, there is always a way to get out of doing things yourself if you have enough money to pay for it.

Similarly, there are products on the market that act as a portable garage for motorcycles. Some products are even portable but they are rarely cheap.

Doing it yourself saves you money and allows you to ensure the quality of your garage. When you buy ready-to-use products with a lot of different parts involved, you can rarely guarantee the quality of every single part.

By creating a garage by yourself, you know the quality of all materials and can assess the quality of the construction.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. While building your own garage is very simple and can be done as easily as setting up a canopy for an outdoor event, you could save the effort altogether by purchasing a pre-made product.

Need Help Getting Started?

Projects like these may require more than online reading. If you need assistance with your motorcycle shed or any other DIY projects, feel free to call us. We can help you find the best and easiest-to-use products for your individual needs.